Bazaruto Island

Because we clearly do not learn from our mistakes we fell for yet another very good sales pitch to visit an island – this time Bazaruto Island. Unlike the previous dhow we would be travelling via speedboat to the Island which was 45 minutes away. We were promised the best island experience second only to […]

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Vilanculos 10 – 12 September

The first glimpse of the ocean we saw at Vilanculos was when we arrived at Baobab Backpackers. I honestly could not believe that we have managed to find a place more beautiful than where we have been thus far but at first glance Vilanculos instantly stole my heart. The problem with love at first sight […]

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Tofo Mechanics

During our short-cut stint driving into Tofo Matt heard a funny noise when he switch Woody over to 4×4. The sound came from somewhere below the car as he pulls away and only happens when it is in 4×4. For Marcia and myself this did not sound like a problem, for Matt and Clayton this […]

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Barra – 3 September

I woke up Sunday morning slightly confused about the pain in my hand. I tried to remember what happened but thinking was made very difficult due to headache that rendered my brain useless. As I laid in the tent, slowly regaining the power of thought, the pain began to spread to just about every section […]

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Pig Island Dhow Trip

As all travelers sometimes do, we also fell for a clever sales pitch that promised the world or in this case a dhow trip to Pig Island, flamingo watching, snorkeling and climbing coconut trees. Seeing that we have not done much since arriving in Tofo it sounded like the perfect day trip especially because it […]

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Tofo – 27 August – ?

The road to Tofo was uneventful and again slightly disappointing. Where were the bad roads that Mozambique was notorious for? In order to spice things up we were forced to take a short-cut to Tofo on a road listed as 4×4 only that Matt and Marcia found on Tracks 4 Africa but even that proved […]

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Maputo – last week of August

When we initially told people about the trip and intended route the general consensus was that our trip only actually start in Mozambique. Excited to finally start our trip, we drove to Lomahasha to go through the Namaacha border post. I prepared myself for at least an hour or so of complete silence while Clayton […]

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