The Route – Intended


We decided a long time ago that we would first explore our own continent before heading off to South America, Mexico, Asia, Norway and Mongolia and then, if we have money, Europe – in that order. Yes, shock horror! Europe is not our first destination and really only added it to the list because of the hundred people (and counting) who have asked us: “Why not Europe?!” There must be something we are obviously missing if every person we tell of our epic adventure, would rather go to Europe…

But we are millennials and thus do not follow the norm forced upon us. Instead, we will start our journey in Cape Town, heading up the east coast to the furthest town we can get to before regretting the Beetle option (we estimate this to be approximately 300km, just far enough for a stopover in Witsand). Thereafter we will take to the road again, slowly making our way to Lesotho where will stay with one of my best friends for a week to recover, take stock of what we need, what is not working and therefore have to fix/find when we get back in South Africa for the following week. Thereafter it is Swaziland and then Mozambique where most people believe our Africa trip really starts – personally I’m not sure if that is an insult or compliment to Swaziland and Lesotho…

From Mozambique, Zimbabwe will be next . We briefly go into Zambia to get to Malawi – we decided to explore Zambia on our way back to South Africa. After a month of Malawi we will go to Tanzania (with a much anticipated trip to the Zanzibar Islands), Kenya and then back to Tanzania. At this stage we are playing with the idea of going to Burundi/Rwanda but this is all budget-dependent. After that we will explore Zambia, then Botswana, Namibia and ultimately find ourselves back in South Africa.

We estimate this trip to take 6 months – mainly because we only have money for 6 months before we have to face reality again. We try not to think about post-trip issues too much but unfortunately the thought of unemployment creeps into my mind and will not leave until the wee hours of the morning. Evidently, adult-problems do not go away just because we decided to go away.

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