Tanzania: The Border 14 October

The last 100 or so kilometers to the Tanzania border yet again made us realise how poor the country is. So many donations are made to Malawi (you see the branded, new Land Cruisers all throughout Malawi) but little is spent on useful improvements like irrigation and agricultural education – a lesson in diversifying your […]

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Livingstonia 12 – 14 October

With one last “You won’t make it” from Willie, the owner at Hakuna Matata, we left for Livingstonia – or more accurately Lukwe Farm at the top of the gravel pass and the camp we will be staying at on our first night – if we make it. From the very first moment the road […]

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The Lumani – 7 October

We thought that the Ilala was a real experience but nothing could prepare us for what we were about to go through on the Lumani. At a quarter of the size of the Ilala the Lumani had two levels: the lower level for mainly cargo and some unlucky humans and the top level for mainly […]

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Likoma Island 3 – 6 October

Getting off the Ilala was pretty much the reverse of getting on it. What complicated it a bit more was that I was on the one side of the ferry waiting to get on the lifeboat with all the electronics (laptop, tablet, camera, phone), the Tupperware of spaghetti and the backpack with all the cash […]

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Ilala Ferry – 2 October

We left Senga Bay on 1st October and headed to Nkhata Bay. The plan was to stay 1 night at Mayoka Village where we would leave the cars and get the Ilala ferry the next day that will take us to Likoma Island (also referred to as paradise by some tripadvisor and lonely planet guys) […]

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