Would it not be better if you…


If you think about what we are attempting, you won’t say that I am a risk-averse person. You would be wrong. Well sort-off wrong. When it gets to my safety I will admit, I think I am invincible but that is mostly due to my “when it is your time it is your time” outlook in life. However, when it gets to planning something I think about every possible, and some highly improbable scenarios. I think inside and outside the box as well look at the overall bigger picture from all perspectives.

Therefore, when I say I did not do much research, it does not mean I did not and still do not think about the implications of this trip and what we will encounter.

Yes, we will be uncomfortable.

Yes, not showering everyday will be an issue.

Yes, at times we are going to regret taking a Beetle and not a fully equipped 4×4 off-road machine.

We are not oblivious to the obvious issues that we will face, and we are not romanticizing this trip. It will get tough, I will get angry with Clayton and he will get pissed off with me for laughing at him while he struggles with something, probably while fixing Bertus.

People have their own opinions of this trip (whether you ask for it or not) but through these opinions I have learned a lot about how others see me. Apparently,1.) I like luxury, 2.) heaven forbid I get a headache and 3.) cold showers will be the death of me. 4.) I do not like taking advice and 5.) please do not tell me about your past experiences. 6.) I lack the power of a good poker face and that will cause both Clayton and I to end in dodgy African jail.

Number 1 is 30% right. Number 2 is easily solved with my first aid kit that makes me feel like a Doctors Without Borders candidate. Number 3 will be an issue but that is life. Number 4, I am stubborn so deal with it. Number 5:  I like to make my own mistakes, why thank you very much. And lastly number 6 is easily solved: Clayton will do all the talking while I smile and wave!

When we decided to do this crazy adventure, we had a plan with a picture in mind of what this trip will be and look like. There is a reason why I agreed to certain things that Clayton suggested and also why ignored the red warning lights for the he-might-be-bullshitting-you signs. The reason being: it fits with the picture and what we both want out of this trip. Some people do not quite understand that and try to turn the beetle into an Overlander of the Year design contestant. If we wanted to over the area without problems, we would have bought a plane ticket.

We all have had crazy ideas – even if it is just painting that one wall in the living room red. Other people, however, see it as their duty in life to tune down your craziness. I have since realized that you get some people who are jealous and do not have the guts to try it themselves BUT, the rest do it because they care and they mean it in the best possible way.

Be that as it may, sometimes you need to just set your crazy free. This trip is happening in an ill-equipped 1972 Volkswagen Beetle whether people approve of it or not.


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