Kingdom of Swaziland – 18th August

We were planning to sleep just outside the Golela border but since Bertus did not give us issues we pushed through and reached the border at 14:00. Before we “cross over” we had to inform the banks that we will be using our cards outside of RSA. After roughly 15 minutes of talking to a […]

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Kosi Bay 15 – 17th August

Let me start with the most important part: No, Bertus did not give us any issues. It looks like Avashen and Clayton really did fix him in Ballito! (touch wood). We can still cruise down the highway at a steady 80km/h but Clayton does not push him past 70. Our average speed for this trip […]

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Sodwana 14 – 15th August

We stopped at the Postnet in Mtubatuba to send some clothes home – after nearly a month on the road I really could not justify the 20 different T-shirts, 4 different pairs of long pants, 2 long skirts (that Clayton did not even know I owned) and 5 pairs of short skirts and pants. I […]

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St Lucia 10 -13th August

We left Ballito late on the Thursday morning with a quick stop at the Midas to buy spare parts (just in case) but Bertus was driving better than he ever has. 80km/h on an uphill without even trying. We sat like two smiling idiots in the car, waving at people overtaking us while they take […]

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Ballito 1 – 10th August

We arrived in Ballito on the 1st of August. Dropped off in front of a backpackers with our car 30km away in a workshop. We were not sure how long it will take to get Bertus fixed but assumed we will be on our way to St Lucia on the 5th. Ah… that one little […]

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The power of a Backpackers

Those who know me really well, know that I am happiest at home. Over weekends Clayton knows that if he doesn’t get me out of the house before 10am then I ain’t going anywhere. In fact I have actually Googled what crime I can commit that will not end up with me going to jail […]

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Hole in the Wall

We decided to hike to hole in the wall. For R80pp you get a guide to show you the way, a toasted sarmie when you get there and a lift back to the backpackers when you are done. Sounds good and how bad can 9km along the Transkei coastline really be? Besides, we needed fresh […]

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