Would it not be better if you…

LIKE I SAID BEFORE, WE’VE GOT THIS… If you think about what we are attempting, you won’t say that I am a risk-averse person. You would be wrong. Well sort-off wrong. When it gets to my safety I will admit, I think I am invincible but that is mostly due to my “when it is […]

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Preparation is key

… AND THEN IT GETS TEDIOUS AND YOU DECIDE TO JUST WING-IT I do not think anyone who has ever been on a planned trip can honestly say everything went according to said plan. We therefore decided early on that we would do minor preparation and the most basic research. Just enough so that we […]

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The Route – Intended

LOOK NORTH AND GO FORTH We decided a long time ago that we would first explore our own continent before heading off to South America, Mexico, Asia, Norway and Mongolia and then, if we have money, Europe – in that order. Yes, shock horror! Europe is not our first destination and really only added it […]

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This might be a mistake

Clayton and I decided that Big-City life was not for us. As a matter of fact, we realized the whole rat-race thing that everyone seems to be stuck in, was not for us at this stage in our lives. Consequently on May  1st, 2017 we handed in our resignations – we are going to travel!  […]

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