Dar Es Salaam – Beach Crab

We arrived back at Safari Lodge late in the evening, exhausted from our last day in Zanzibar and the traumatizing experience of getting lost in Stonetown. Bertus was still there, washed clean by the rain that’s been falling non stop for the last couple of days. Our plan for the next few days is to […]

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D-Day – 15 July 2017

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN ANYWAY?! I don’t have an internet connection while I am writing this and I have never thought about Googling it before now but, what does the D in D-day stand for? Destruction? Disaster? Dangerous? Not sure why all the negative D-adjectives are popping into my mind but I did manage to […]

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The Route – Intended

LOOK NORTH AND GO FORTH We decided a long time ago that we would first explore our own continent before heading off to South America, Mexico, Asia, Norway and Mongolia and then, if we have money, Europe – in that order. Yes, shock horror! Europe is not our first destination and really only added it […]

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