Chintsa 18 – 19 July 2017

On 18 July we set off to Chintsa with a quick stop at the Port Elizabeth Makro. Someone (me) forgot to pack the SD memory cards for the camera. 

We took the risk of not having breakfast as we heard about this amazing farm-stall that sell the best pies in the region. We were not disappointed. If you ever find yourself on the N2 north of Port Elizabeth do yourself a favour and stop at Nanaga to try their pies (the roosterkoek is also a winner).

After what felt like a never-ending day we finally reached Buccaneers Lodge and Backpackers in Chintsa (+- 20km north of East London) just after 16:30. Bertus behaved himself the entire way – probably preparing for his big surprise the next day…

We were not in the mood to pitch the tent and decided to rather stay in the Safari Tents that, on our previous trips, had the BEST view but now overlooked a construction site. Buccaneers is expanding and cottages are being constructed left, right and center.

The communal bathrooms were an experience in itself. Clayton’s shower only had about 8 spurts of water coming out of it and mine did not have a shower-head at all. I literally showered under what can be best described as a high tap. Tip of the day: when you find yourself in a situation where you have the option of 8 spurts of water or high tap: choose the high tap.


We went to bed early that night and for the first time since we left Cape Town we did not wake up from hypothermia. We went to the communal area to make a quick breakfast from the left over roosterkoek. The view from this communal area is still the most amazing, breathtaking view of the ocean, beach and river-mouth I have ever seen and photos cannot do it justice. It will be tough to find a better place to have breakfast or write this blog.


We decided to camp-out in the camping area for the day but when we wanted to start Bertus he decided that he too, needs a day off. Luckily for us it is downhill to the campsite where Clayton got him on level ground, opened up the engine and replaced the coil we bought in Jeffrey’s Bay. That did not do the trick. He did a couple more adjustment that also did not work. He then took out the brand new coil, replaced it with the old one – that seemed to do something as Bertus showed signs of life but still did not want to start. By now the engine was flooded with all the failed attempts to start him so Clayton decided to leave him be. We both hoped that prayer will do the trick because Clayton was out of options.

While we had lazy afternoon, both of us faking a nonchalant demeanor, the local landscapers pitch up and continued with their work the entire afternoon. They were soon followed by the monkeys. A pest but so freakin’ cute.


We hope Bertus will start tomorrow. Worse case scenario, we spend a couple of extra days in Chintsa which I can assure you is not a bad place to be semi-stranded.


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